Who is LMCC?


 Loud Mouth Cookie Co. may only be a small team of dreamers... for now What started as a 20 year-old entrepreneur's idea to get people baking fun, new creations at home has now grown into LMCC. Working with a few creative geniuses, a badass businesswoman, good friends and my time tested cookie recipes, LMCC is ready to take on the world. 



Loud Mouth Cookie Co. is a gourmet cookie mix company specializing in small batch, unique flavor creations. In a world of uncertainty, we think the best way to spread love is by baking cookies! Our mixes are perfect for getting family and friends back together.

What is LMCC?






With a name like Loud Mouth Cookie Co., some may wonder, why? For years, being considered a "Loud Mouth" was negative, but not any more. The time has come for people and companies to speak out and share what they are passionate about.

Loud Mouth Cookie Co., is for those who want to support businesses who care about their customers. Each month, a portion of LMCC proceeds go to local charities.




If you are looking to contact Loud Mouth Cookie Co. please email Alex at

**All of our mixes are made to order so they may take up to one week to ship. We apologize for any inconvenience.