Written by: Bella Niola

This portion of the blog is dedicated to explaining the different organizations that LMCC will be donating a portion of the profits to. Each month we will choose a different charity to donate to, and you can come here for updates!


For the month of the presidential election, we will be working with Rock the Vote! This organization is unbiased, and the most trusted nonprofit devoted to young people building and understanding their political power.  During 1990 music executives were responsible for founding Rock the Vote, in regards to the suppression of hip-hop and rap artists.  Its first successful partnership, with MTV, encouraged millions of young Americans to exercise their rights while representing their interests.  After thirty years, Rock the Vote continues to adapt to the changing fields of technology, media, and culture to activate and support each arising generation.

Register to Vote

The young people are new voters and often face specific challenges to voting that commonly results in a turnout that is historically 20 to 30 points below older voters.   Rock the Vote assists these young voters to guarantee each voice is heard; finding solutions to navigate through these obstacles for the benefit of the younger generation.  

At Loud Mouth Cookie Co., we wish to encourage young people to voice their opinions.  The young generation continuously try to break down the barriers which blind them from  their political power, Rock the Vote and Loud Mouth are dedicated to help fight this battle for the youth.  Be a “Loud Mouth,”  make sure you stand up for what you believe in, your future is in your hands!