Written by: Emily O'Neil  

Here at Loud Mouth Cookie Co., we understand just how important our friends and family are to us. Spending the spring holidays, birthdays and celebrations in the confines of our homes was difficult to say the least, which is why this first blog post may be especially helpful! As restrictions in some areas lifted, people began to wonder just how to safely spend time with their loved ones, especially those who are elderly or immunocompromised. So, how can we spend time with those who we haven’t seen for months while also making sure you’re keeping yourself and your loved ones safe? There are so many steps of precaution you can take! Here is your official guide to entertaining safely in the summer during a pandemic!

Try your best to isolate for the two weeks leading up to having your family/friends over! The best way to ensure your soiree is covid-free is having you and your guests tested, but we understand in some areas that results can be delayed.

EAT OUTSIDE! Who needs to be indoors right now with all this lovely summer weather to enjoy!? The safest way to spend time with your loved ones is in the great outdoors :)

Prepare fun cocktails! Welcome your guests with a lovely spritzer cocktail in a plastic cup that can be tossed once used! Our summer obsession here at Loud Mouth Cookie Co. has been a blackberry limoncello prosecco!

Prepare all the dishes for your guests! Wash your hands and wear a mask while moving the food to the plates to avoid any contamination. Feast outside and enjoy your meal :)

Finish off with adorably wrapped cookies! Our cookies here at Loud Mouth Cookie Co. are the IDEAL social-distancing dessert because they can be packaged/wrapped individually! For summer, we believe our CITRUS MISTRESS cookie is the perfect, refreshing delight! It’s light, festive, and the citrus works to reset your palate after the wonderful meal! Simply buy cling wrap, cut a small square and wrap the cookie. Twist the ends upward and tie with a nice yellow ribbon! Arrange the wrapped cookies on trays so that your guests can walk up and pick one while enjoying the presentation! 

And there you have it! There is our definitive pandemic-appropriate guide to having guests over! Whatever you do, please be safe, maintain 6 feet, and soak up those last beautiful weeks of August. Thanks for reading, and we cannot wait for you to see what we have in store for you! Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay loud!